Data protection

  • Data protection advice for your questions about GDPR and e-privacy regulation.
  • Privacy training and lectures for your employees.
  • Position of the external data protection officer.

Control address management

  • control addresses detect data outflows and theft.
  • Our lawyer-approved control address system implements GDPR requirements.
  • An external control address system is neutral and creates legal certainty.

Monitoring of postal runtime and delivery

  • We measure delivery and transit times throughout Europe.
  • Our control address panel records daily updates.
  • Reportings are available online for you

Market research

  • Bring the customer perspective into your quality analyses.
  • Test the logistics and service of your market companions in online shopping and distance selling.
  • Compare your own company with competitors in benchmark studies.

Mystery calls

  • Mystery calls provide you with continuous feedback from inbound and outbound.
  • Concretely identified starting points make your training courses effective.
  • Check addresses sent via mystery calls control data security in the call centre as well.

Mystery shopping

  • Discover internal data misuse with control addresses introduced from outside.
  • As real customers, control addresses are invisible to almost all employees.
  • Make points in data protection with an additional security solution.
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