Are you as good as you think? Experience yourself and your competitors from the customer perspective!

  • Have you ever put the sales of your market companions through their paces?
  • Do you really get the service you pay dearly for?
  • Does your competitor keep to the agreements?

Market Research

By the time bad reviews and comments pile up and spread rapidly on social networks, it is already too late. Test yourself for weaknesses before customers experience and evaluate your company negatively. We check the service, consulting and sales quality of your company for you and uncover weaknesses in realistic test scenarios. With the help of the collected data, optimisation measures can be implemented in your process chains and checked for successful implementation in final tests. The goal is an increased and stable level in service and logistics.

adreko is not a classic market research institute, but specialises in online shops and distance selling.

  • We design realistic test scenarios together with you.
  • Our results provide you with the right approaches for improvement.
  • You keep the overview and identify weak points early on.


With the quality cockpit you can keep a constant eye on your company from the customer's perspective and can react in time.

Your contact:

Matthias Machenheimer
Phone: +49 (0) 221 / 99 22 77 81

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