We report for you in real time - direct from mailboxes.

  • We measure delivery and shipping time everywhere in Europe.
  • Daily delivery time recording on our seed address panels.
  • Online reports at your disposal.

Measuring Shipping and Delivery Time

We test your letter shops and mail carriers concerning delivery time, delivery quota, data management and production quality, regularly analysing the quality of your mail services and identifying weak points and the potential for improvement in your delivery processes.

Address panels currently in 11 (*) European countries transmit online information about letter and catalogue delivery. You will therefore receive your key figures on a daily basis. With our partners, we can also carry out more in-depth delivery analyses for you.


We are offering the service of measuring Shipping and Delivery Time throughout Europe!

Your contact:

Matthias Machenheimer
Phone: +49 (0) 221 / 99 22 77 81
E-Mail: mm@adreko.de
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