Data Protection Consulting

  • long experience and competent advice
  • development of individual solutions

Data protection Training

  • minimisation of the "human risk factor”
  • Improving protection against cyber attacks

GDPR Information Monitor

  • Test your company for the correct implementation of the GDPR

External data protection officer

  • Use our competence to your advantage.
  • Long experience and GDPR versed

Europe-wide transit time measurement

  • reliable control address panel in 14 countries
  • Updated daily reports
  • Identification of weaknesses in shipping

E-mail tracking (online control addresses)

  • Protect yourself from data outflows
  • measurement of transit times and delivery rates
  • Use of Free Mail Domains

Quality cockpit

  • Gain insights from the customer's perspective
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Increase of the service and quality level

Protection of a customer database

  • Lawyer-approved control address system
  • legally compliant documentation
  • identification and prosecution of perpetrators

Protection of outgoing address selections

  • complete and legally compliant documentation
  • Detection of data outflows
  • proved by a lawyer


  • legally secure circuit in the control address system with its own software
  • Perfectly camouflaged control addresses
  • Integratable via xml-interfaces
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