Test your deliverers and sales partners throughout Europe!

  • Reliable control address panel in 14 European countries
  • Daily updated reports
  • Identification of weaknesses in shipping

Europe-wide transit time measurement

Growing competition in the postal sector is leading to a focus on the quality of the services offered. Especially if you offer your services throughout Europe, it is often difficult to answer the following questions:

Which deliverer acts fastest?

Which countries are problematic in terms of delivery?

Is the delivery reliable and on time?

We test your lettershops and deliverers not only nationally but also internationally for transit time, delivery rate, data processing and production quality. We are active in 14 European countries, but can adapt and expand these at any time according to your wishes. Through contractually bound participants in our measurement panel, we record qualitative key figures on a daily basis.

We can tell you whether your advertising materials reach your customers as planned, whether your marketing and logistics plans correspond to reality and whether your postal service providers keep their performance and quality promises.

Measure the quality of your postal services on an ongoing basis and identify weaknesses and potential for improvement.

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