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External data protection officer

If more than 20 employees "permanently" work with personal data, your company processes sensitive data or you transfer data on a business-like basis, you must appoint a data protection officer for the company or association. The data protection officer advises and monitors. He or she is the contact person for a supervisory authority auditing the company. A data protection officer can become an employee of the company who acquires the necessary expertise, undergoes regular further training and is given the necessary time for the new task. However, here in Germany, the so-called conflict of interest must be taken into account: the data protection officer should not monitor himself or herself. Thus, managing directors, personnel or IT managers regularly resign. The alternative is the professional: the external data protection officer, who advises the company on compliance with data protection laws and uses his practical experience to point out solutions.

Our data protection officers Dirk Niedernhöfer and Peter Liebetrau are TÜV-certified, practitioners with a marketing background and have decades of experience. Peter Liebetrau was head of the data protection group of the German Dialog Marketing Association. (DDV). adreko is a member of the Society for Data Protection and Data Security e.V. (GDD).

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