"Prevent abuse - secure your customer data"

  • attested control address system
  • legally compliant documentation
  • Identification and prosecution of perpetrators

Protect a customer database

The GDPR makes you accountable and requires you to prove how you guarantee the security of your data. The control address system of adreko offers you a Europe-wide system to secure your customer data and to detect possible data misuse.

Our lawyer-approved control address system, with which we measure incoming advertising contacts by mail, telephone, e-mail and fax and document them in a legally compliant manner, uncovers any outflow of data.

The moment your addresses are not legitimately contacted, the abuse becomes visible.

The data loss can be reconstructed via the person making contact and the last known address processor (e.g. data processor, letter shop, call centre).

For more than 15 years this system has been able to identify and prosecute offenders.

The Address Protection Seal, which is issued with the implementation of the Control Address System, creates trust towards customers and partners.

Active PR with this seal also has a preventive effect on potential criminals.

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