"Keep outgoing address selections in a legally binding manner."

  • complete and legally compliant documentation
  • Detection of data outflows
  • attorney-certified effect

Protection of outgoing selections

How many people have had access to your customer data in the course of your business?

When you outsource your newsletter distribution, transfer data to a letter shop or data processor or plan your annual Christmas campaign, customer data is transferred to third parties. Can you really name each of these companies involved?

In retrospect, it is always difficult to reconstruct who had access to your customer data. And if you are faced with a data protection dispute, complete proof is always required, but often no longer possible.

Don't just rely on the integrity of your partners but do something active to protect your databases!

By entering adreko control addresses in your customer file, you can keep track of every advertising receipt in a legally compliant manner and protect yourself against possible disputes.

With our lawyer-approved control address system - the SeedBox - we ensure a complete tracking of outgoing address selections.


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